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new adhd medication,Villy pharmacy Inc, is regulate by the General Pharmaceutical Council, which has the responsibility of regulating all compounding pharmacies. This means that we prepare unlicensed medicine on a prescription-by-prescription basis

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Our ingredients are sourced from large, reputable pharmaceutical suppliers, all of which are compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice as recognise by the EU.

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To compound medication, we mix a pre-prepared base with active ingredients (bio-identical hormones) in our laboratory. Quality is of the highest importance to us. We employ a computer-controlled process to reduce and eliminate error (each prescription is assigned a unique barcode) and use high precision equipment to ensure consistency.

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Our Superintendent Pharmacist is responsible for ensuring that staff are well trained and that standard operating procedures are in place and followed. She checks all prescriptions for safety and appropriateness as well as performing other /checks. Every medication can be traced back to its original formula, lab technician and ingredient source.


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To begin with, because to the lengthy half-life of injectable Boldenone, which exceeds 14 days, athletes may safely give it once per week, which will be sufficient to maintain the steroid’s consistent concentration in the blood.

The weekly dose is determined on the gender. For male athletes, the safe weekly dosages range from 200 to 600 mg. Females, on the other hand, take significantly lower doses (25-50 mg every 7 days).  Because of the sluggish action of the whole steroid, the cycle normally lasts 10-12 weeks.

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